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Welcome to the Dasembrae Wiki where any player seeking addition information of the strange continent is bound to find some.

Below you’ll find two categories: Characters and Monsters. Within the Character Category, you’ll find a subsections labeled NPCS (non-player characters), for Player characters, please refer to the “Characters” tab above.

The NPCs section is one that will grow every session, it’s a session for me, the DM, where each time a NPC is encountered in the Campaign, the following day I’ll type up all the “perceived” details of that NPC, notes regarding appearence/manner and that NPC will be then added to the list. Now, I say “perceived” because there may be more to the NPC than the players realize at the moment or there might still be some background or description that needs to be fleshed out over the course of one or several sessions/quests. This section is not only exclusive to the DM, by all means go ahead and check it out, for any interested eye I’m sure theres quite a range of colorful and unique characters…and a fair share of Cliche ones at that.

In the Monsters category, you’ll simply find every monster encountered so far in the campaign and several other unencountered generic beasts that may or may not be found by the Party.

Currently I’m still in the process of writing all monster descriptions in relation to Dasembrae as well as updating the numerous NPCs already encountered.

Ikkibodjacob Hebe
Cabnul of Fools (Not Encountered)
- Humanoid -
Dark One

- Beast -
Rats, Wolves, and other carnal Beasts

Main Page

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