Cabnul of Fools

Cabnul of Fools

“He is the fool whose responsible for the Chasm and for the death’s of twenty hundred dwarves.” ~ Artificier Artanis after given the task of investigating the cause of the War of the Century.

It all began when the Dwarves discovered a new illustrious mineral beyond the ‘tears of Mithril’, black as night they named the substance Obsidian. Dwarves are well known for mining, they are people of stone forged by Moridan, diety of the mountains’ themselves. Dasembrae was seen as a heaven by the Dwarves already living there, they believed the Mithras Mountains to be the original home of the Dwarves, with minerals adorning every cave and with veins of Mithril running all throughout the middle of the Mountain the Dwarves fashioned armor and cities as grand as Heaven itself. Obsidian is a very fragile mineral, but despite this flaw there is something alluring about it, like a purple mist that beggs to be quaffed, none of the Dwarves at the time could get enough of it. The rare mineral could only be found far below the ‘Tears of Mithril’, within the deepest dark of Mithras Mountain, that is where you could find the blackest gem. Its rarity and contrasting beauty brought great price to the mineral and kings praised the miners for risking the depths for Obsidian but wealth corrupts…Eventually Before long, Mithral halls were abandoned as Obsidian was mined and used as coating for new halls, new forts, and new sculptures. Merchants stole, coerced and even killed competitors to earn a better profit from the Obsidian, even the most noble king forced criminals to work amonst the Miners and made the Miners work for hours on end. Eventually even the Miners started fighting amonst themselves for who ever brought in the most Obsidian, left with the most coin in their pocket. The barter system roughly used became extinct in a matter of months and everyone from kings to farmers revolved around profit. There was no dwarf who voiced opposition to the mistreatment of the Miners, even social issues were forlorn, and contracts were raised only in the interest of more labor.

In a society where your last name literally determined your place in society, those with no last names, such as bastards, or ambigious ones, were forced into mining. Cabnul was of one of the unlucky families whose last names were entirely ambigious, and thus they were construde to whatever benifited the most powerful Dwarven Ruler of the time. In Cabnul’s case it was the King Lord, with King being the title and Lord being the last name of the young and ruthless dwarf. Cabnul was instantly put amonst miners and criminals, to spend all day picking and all night consumed by darkness. Cabnul worked hard, he only wished he could obtain just a handful of obsidian and barter his way out of mining. Everyone mining was desperate for Obsidian but many crumbled or went mad looking for something they could not see in the dark. Hints and tips on technique was highly valued, almost as much as a handful of Obsidian itself so most of the veterans had to sleep with one eye open but Cabnul had no reason to worry, and neither was it in his plans to ever have a reason to worry.

Unlike many of the other Miners, Cabnul’s eyes adjusted to the dark, if only barely but even so, it was enough for him to murder his direct superior and claim the title of Mining Overseer himself. Nobody argued with Cabnul’s decision, it was a cuthroat world and the position came with a terrible responsibility to produce a certain amount every month’s end or have his own head produced instead. Cabnul entrusted the veterans to garner the Obsidian and sent the criminals and novice miners to do mundane tasks but with a quota to meet and lack of Obsidian to show, he resorted to a very…peculiar technique: Kruthik training.

Cabnul’s family had once encountered a Kruthik Hive and had seen the creature’s voratious appetite for anything first hand. Cabnul bought three Kruthik’s off a poacher from the east for a bag of Obsidian but Cabnul had a feeling the creatures would pay themselves off ten-fold. When he first appeared in the darkest depths with the silver skinned gluttons, plots to usurp him were formulated, his Miner’s called him “the Mad Miner” but the Kruthiks’, one adult and two hatchlings, ate around stone that contained obsidian and within a few days pockets of pure Obsidian remained alone in the dark and were claimed by Cabnul. Cabnul and his Miner’s were paid very handsomely and a few trendy kings openly endorsed the use of Kruthiks to mine Obsidian. Cabnul gained notieriety in the Thirty-Three Kingdoms as a founder of a most valuable technique. As Cabnul got richer, the Kruthik’s got bigger until eventually they outgrew any threats of admonishment that were meant to keep them focused on the rock in front of them and so the Kruthik’s ate with a speed no dwarf could possibly keep up with until they were lost.

In only a matter of days before several miners reported tremors and “chittering” sounds off in the distance as rock crashed onto rock. Cabnul himself knew just how disastrous loose Kruthiks would be within the endless supply rock before them. Cabnul descended into the dark once again, he had to capture those kruthiks or untold damage would be done. Problem was that he couldn’t hire soldiers to track down beasts in total darkness and neither could he expect the miner’s to be of any use, he would have to do it alone.

Cabnul of Fools

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