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From Frail Beginnings
A boat of Moral Deciding

Jacob is given Ikkibodjacob a tiefling rogue of first level
Jorge is given Corebreaker Morales a dragonborn fighter of first level
Matthew is given Hong Kong Madness a human cleric of the first level

Ikkibodjacob’s Background.
As a tiefling “Ikkibod” has known a life of abuse and discrimination. He grew up in a bustling city on the edge of Faerûn called, Cistomspectious, nicknamed “the city of alleys”. Within Cistomspectious, Ikkibodjacob was but a slave, no time was given to inspect his appearence, he was just another person, another tool used for manual labor. As he grew, his freedom was defined as sleep and his day was defined as work but one day, fate decided to step in, and it was that day, that Ikkibod gained his freedom, not by choice but by nature. He ran for days but soon he realized that noone went looking, he was alone but he was free from the tide of momentum that marked his life thus far.

Months past during which Ikkibod found out he had a terminal illness, he was told by a cleric. How and why he sought out this cleric is only known to Ikkibod himself. What is known is that something went off in Ikkibod that day, predicted doom released him of any moral standing or responsiblities. He discovered the pleasures that life had to offer him, the thrill of stealing among other things. Thievery only fueled his dispassion and lack of mercy, if he was good enough, he could just take what he wanted. This underappreciation of worth warped the memories of his past until they became painful, sight of humans became painful, he wanted them all dead. He wanted seomthing bad to happen, like someone to kill them all and so he took up that role and killed any human he wanted. Escaping detection, robbing and murdering people in the alley’s of his hometown, he was a fine rogue in the making until he fell under the eye of a powerful warlord and had a bounty placed upon him. Escaping a band of bounty hunters, Ikkibod jumped upon a makeshift raft and escaped by sea. Dissapearing in the fog, he is believed to be dead.

The adventure begins.


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