Dasembrae’s Downfall.


It is the “Age of Upheavel” and Dasembrae is to be the location of the first major world event that will shake the foundations of the Forgotten Realms and split the heavens asunder, casting God and Mortal alike onto equal plane. Evil forces stir and race against each other for the upper hand…for whoever holds the most power within Dasembrae will surely be the principal force to which the Realms will bend. For now however, evil has just started brewing and there is much chance for distruption or…facilitation.

As a Land…

Dasembrae is a formally isolated continent located between Faerun and Kura-Tur, now populated with races of all kinds that have traveled through the “Chasm.” The reason for Dasembrae’s past isolation was due to its natural borders; in the North the Mithras Mountains’ cradle around the continent’s head ceasing all land travel and to the West is the Floi Sea and Westernbeck’s Call, a great river that runs along Dasembrae’s Southern borders. The only passages into Dasembrae, before the Chasm erupted that is, was through the east but a great fort home to an ancient order of Guardians has made sure only the most vulnerated are let though and even then, as visitors.

As a people…

It is a fact that the “Chasm” has changed Dasembrae’s demographic radically, though the fact remains if this was a good thing at all. Before the mass migration into Dasembrae started, before the War of the Century broke out and before the great witch Groa set the terrible plague upon the land, Dasembrae was a continent of peace and beauty, excentuated by its well fashioned Dwarves and their magnificent stone carvings. It was a time when Dasembrae was content with the abundance of Mithril from the Mithril streams within the Mithras Mountains, where Dwarven Kingdoms were as much a part of the surface as underneath it, where forts were connected by vast and frequented tunnels of marvel and when Dwarves were proud and lived up to their names.

Given one hundred years ago, the ruling kingdom’s of Dwarves, thirty-three in total, would not have even questioned their nation’s solidarity, they would had scoffed at the idea of human’s, elves and halflings forming an alliance to establish a hold in the illustrious nation and they never would’ve had to if it weren’t for the frustration of Cabnul of Fools; the greedy dwarf solely responsible for splitting the Mithras Mountain thereby creating the Chasm, ushering in the mass migration and starting the War of the Century.

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